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Creator's Statement

My name's Stevie Wain and I'm a filmmaker and performer who's really just excited to be here! And that you're curious enough to read more about why I created the TV show Day Jobs and why I think you should care. Did I say I'm excited? Ahh. Read below!

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My Story

When I was twenty-six years old, my boyfriend of eight years helped me come out as a lesbian.

Yup. HE helped ME come out… While we were together. 

And I’ve never seen a love like ours on TV, so I wrote a show about it.

But this story starts months AFTER she’s already come out… And they’re still living together.

She has to figure out how to be financially independent of him to keep their new non-romantical friendship afloat. Which is exactly what happened to me.

But in this story, the way she makes money is by babysitting for her ex-girlfriend who she fell in love with when she was in an open relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Which is LOOSELY based on my experiences but mostly based on my actual nightmare.


I mean imagine babysitting for a woman you used to be in love with who didn’t choose you? Hot.

This film is my baby. I created, wrote, starred in, edited, and co-directed the pilot and it has been the most fulfilling and exciting experience of my life. 


Not only is this project made by queer women, but over 60 percent of our crew was queer women/non-binary/trans folks. We created a really safe environment to bring this project to life and we’re hoping it resonates with you as deeply as it resonates with us.

It’s really a show about finding hope. Or rather creating it despite the world that often tries to quiet us and how love can truly transform us if we allow it to… Even if it’s with our exes.


Thank you so much for watching our film and please contact me if you'd like to hear more!


Are you interested in hearing more? 

Email me! 

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