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Day Jobs One Sheet

Day Jobs Brief Overview


Day Jobs is a half-hour dark comedy about an aspiring comedian living in Los Angeles who struggles to make rent to her ex-boyfriend-turned-best-friend after she comes out as gay and enters the lesbian dating scene. Think Hacks meets Insecure.


After losing her temper at a babysitting job interview on the eve of her 27th birthday, aspiring lesbian LA comedian, Stevie Tripp, is given a scathing review online that blacklists her from finding other babysitting gigs. Desperate to pay her ex-boyfriend rent, she reaches out to her rich closeted ex-girl-fling, Scarlett, for the dough. The only problem? Stevie promised Jason she’d NEVER go back to her. FUCK. By the end of the episode, Stevie hooks up with Scarlett and secretly becomes her new babysitter, she finally makes rent to Jason, and she does standup that reveals to us why her relationship with Scarlett is so toxic.

Season One

The comedy engine of season one will be Stevie’s double life as an aspiring comic who is secretly fucking Scarlett, the Jason-forbidden fruit. We’ll explore their bombshell babysitting affair, Stevie’s pursuit of standup comedy, and the complications of moving from exes to roommates, reflecting on the drama of each episode through Stevie’s standup. And things really takes a turn when in episode two, Scarlett mysteriously falls ill, forcing her husband, Jim, to come home early. By the end of the season, does Stevie, Scarlett, and Jim run towards a threesome that does not end well? You bet your ass. Stevie can't take it. She breaks up with Scarlet. Jason finds out about Stevie's secret affair and moves out of their shared apartment. And Scarlett does the one thing she’d swore she’d never do: She leaves her husband for Stevie. Only for us to FINALLY FIND OUT Scarlett's mysterious illness... She’s 8 weeks pregnant with Jim's second baby. OH SHIT. Bring on season two!

Closing Thoughts


So yeah, Day Jobs is all about the people you are before you become the person you were meant to be… And the salacious heartbreaking choices and jobs we do to get us there. It's about the journey, not the destination. The people before the careers that we all want to define us. Because at the end of the day, what makes us lovable isn't what we've done but who we’ve done it with. Or used to do it with… I mean, I'm gay now but man, how I love my ex. 


And what a beautifully cursed gift that has been.  

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